The master of Toucheng Guanyin Temple: Senior Sister Fayun, whose real name is “Zeng 惠卿”. The Nangang Guanyin Temple was established in Nangang District, Taipei City in 2002. Under the leadership of the temple owner, all members of the temple took one step at a time and worked together with one heart , it has gone through the difficulties and running-in in the early days of creation, and has gradually grown strong. In 2019, the master purchased the properties of temple in Toucheng, Yilan County and undertook the “Youyuzhai Charity Co-cultivation Association”

 And the master accomplished the mission of inauguration of “Toucheng Guanyinyuan Temple” in 2020.


 Nangang Guanyin Temple was established on November 30 of the lunar month in 2002. During the process of establishment, the master respectfully invited  Master Lin Mubiao, the chairman of the China Mingyi Center, to use the nine-star and eight-trigram principle to design the front and back sides of the temple. It is a geomantic omen precious place.There is a purple bamboo forest in front of the temple, which is bestowed by Guanshiyin Bodhisattva. It can be said that the time, the place, and the people are all.

 At that time, the main deity was the Avalokitesvara  Bodhisattva with a thousand hands and a thousand eyes; And Ji Gong buddha and Goddess(Yu Nu) , Mazu sea goddess of Meizhou. Goddess(Yu Nu) is the invisible master of the senior sister Fayun. It was said that he was the same bloodline of Guanshiyin Bodhisattva and Mazu sea goddess to relieve all people from distress. At present, Taipei Goddess Temple in Guandu is the home of Goddess(Yu Nu) in the Qing Dynasty. She became as light as a feather and ascend to heaven at the age of eighteen. Now believers are all over Taiwan, Japan, Canada, Australia, and China and other places.

 Nangang Guanyin Temple is a temple for both Buddhism and Taoism. Many believers wondered why it was named a temple.  And blessing service ?

 According to the instructions of Goddess(Yu Nu): Nangang Guanyin Temple is unique to ordinary Buddhist temples, because the Buddhism and Taoism were originally in unity in the God Realm.It was that human distinguished between Buddhism and Taoism. And this temple is also different from ordinary temples or altars, because  there is no miracles for this temple. The Gods of the temple ask for belivers that don’t expect miracles. We have to rely on holding hard sutra for elimating karma by ourself. And making repentance and prostrations for removing sin. If you want to be well and achieve your ideals, you must have God’s assistance, human assistance, and self-help are indispensable. Self-help is for 70%. God’s assistance and human assistance each occupies for 15%. Therefore, patience, diligence, and meditation are very important. Because everyone who was born in the world has a homework to do. It depends on us.  We have to use Prajna wisdom to overcome.

 When she was young, the master Fayun helped her father to lead religious tour. From an early age, she was contact with the gods, and she was very sincere and admired for the Buddha.

 At the age of eighteen, the master often imagined that she was a fairy girl who helped the world and saved people.

 Twenty-five years old, she accidentally visited Taipei Goddess Temple in Guandu. Unexpectedly,  Goddess (Yu Nu) appeared in her dream at that night, gave a magic weapon and stated that she was her precious apprentice. And Goddess(Yu Nu) wanted her to work in coordinaton for helping people. Six months later, she was the master of the temple opened by the brother of Taipei Goddess Temple in Guandu for ten years.

 At the age of thirty-five, the master received an instruction from Goddess(Yu Nu) that she opened her own temple, then she established the “Nangang Guanyin Temple”.  The master complied with the appointments of heave and the temple enjoyed a booming pilgrimage. Then she undertook Avalokitesvara  Bodhisattva’s will — To expand the temple. The disciples of the temple were united. It’s really only five years for successful expansion. The master have an affinity with “Youyuzhai Charity Co-cultivation Association”. Thanks to the Bodhisattva’s kindness, with the help of benefactors. Finally the dust settled. The mater bought the Toucheng ashram. After one year of repairing,  the dotting and enshrinement ceremony of “Toucheng Guanyinyuan Temple” was completed on a leap of April 8th of the lunar month. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was on May 14th of the lunar month.  It officially begins at 2:30 pm every saturday on August of the lunar month. It benefits and helps mankind In Toucheng Guanyinyuan Temple.

 At the same time, Toucheng Guanyinyuan Temple was held two aid-the-poor activities with “Youyuzhai Charity Co-cultivation Association” and the Toucheng town councilman. On May 8th this year, it also participated in the Charity Love Garden Party. And the third aid-the-poor activity will hold on June 19th in 2021.